Adjustable High Pressure Cleaning Machine C40T

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Variable pressure, Professional Cleaning

·Self-intake function
pump water from buckets or storage tanks
·Auto-stop technology
switches the motor and pump off automatically
·Quick connection
All accessories are easy to install and disassemble
·Integrated storage
All accessories are stored orderly to avoid omission
·Overhead pressure gauge
Easy to read the exact pressure.
·Pressure adjust knob
Adjust pressure to meet different cleaning requirements
·Ceramic-coated pistons
Long service life , sturdy and reliable

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C40T is a comprehensive tool designed for professional cleaning of commercial and industrial equipment in the HVAC industry.

This machine is equipped with an easy-to-use knob. It makes it possible to select the pressure value during operation from 10 to 40 bar, allows for precise and quick removal of dirt from hard-to-reach places inside the device.

The great advantage of this machine equipped with many professional accessories, including a foaming set and foam nozzle, so you no need a manual foam machine. 2 extension wand(36cm), 220。rotational nozzle which can easily penetrate into narrow gaps for cleaning.

What's more, the integrated storage design make you can put all of the accessories in the both side of machine with out any omissions, At the same time, the compact size and lightweight of the machine make it easy to carry.

Model C40T
Voltage 230V~/50-60Hz or 100-120V~/50-60Hz
Working Pressure
10 40bar
Flow Rate(max.) 6L/min
Motor Power 750W
Weight 8.00KGS
Water Pipe 2m LP Hose, 7.0m HP Hose

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