Condensate Atomization Pump

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Create Wealth From Waste
Energy Saving & CO2 Emission
·Stop condensate water’s dripping and free of condensate pipe’s installation
·Increased the heat rejection by water evaporation absorbs a lot of heat
·Enhanced refrigeration effect of the system obviously, saving the energy

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As we all know, condensate is an appendage produced in the refrigeration process of air conditioning, which is caused by the condensation of moisture in the air on the evaporator of air conditioning. Most of the condensed water is conveyed to the sewer by the drainage pipe designed in advance. However, a large part of condensate will be directly discharged to the outside,causing environmental pollution.

P15 condensate atomization pump is specially designed to solve the problem of condensate discharge. The condensed water generated in the refrigeration process is turned into water mist, which is sprayed around the condenser of the external unit of the air conditioner to reduce the temperature, significantly improve the heat exchange efficiency of the air conditioner, and is of great significance to the energy saving of the air conditioner. At the same time, it also solves the problems of complicated condensate drainage pipe layout and environmental pollution caused by condensate water. We will truly turn waste into treasure, save energy and reduce emissions, and achieve carbon neutrality.

Technical Data :
Model: P15J
Voltage: 230V~/50-60Hz or 100-120V~/50-60Hz
Flow Rate(Max.): 15L/h(2 nozzles)
Pressure: 7bar
Suction lift 1.5m(5ft)
Tank Capacity: 35ml
Mini Splits up to: 30,000btu/hr
Sound Level at 1m: 55dB(A)
Power: 35W
Ambient Temp: 0℃-50℃

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