• Tube Cleaning Machine

Tube Cleaning Machine

  • Chiller Tube Cleaner CT370

    Chiller Tube Cleaner CT370

    Compact design
    ·Patented Tech    
    Quick-connect structure make the   brushes changes quickly and easily
    ·Excellent mobility    
    Equiped with wheels and push handle
    ·Integrated storage    
    A full set of brushes be storage in main body
    ·Self-priming Function    
    Pump water from buckets or storage tanks
    Forced air cooling,keep the longtime of stable operation

  • CDS24 Descaling Machine

    CDS24 Descaling Machine

    Compact desgin Easy transport and storage

    Vortex type flush More stable,continuous and uninterrupted flush

    Multiple purposes Heat exchangers, water pipes, heating and cooling systems