• HVAC/R Testing & Measuring Equipment

HVAC/R Testing & Measuring Equipment

  • ALD-1 Infrared Refrigerant Leak Detector

    ALD-1 Infrared Refrigerant Leak Detector

    Model ALD-1 Sensor Type: Infrared sensor Minimum Detectable Leakage: ≤4 g/year Response Time: ≤1 seconds Preheating Time: 30 seconds Alarm Mode: Audible and visual alarm; TFT indication Operating Temperature Range: -10-52℃ Operating Humidity Range: <90%RH(non-condensing) Applicable Refrigerant: CFCs, HFCs, HCFC Blends and HFO-1234YF Sensor Lifetime: ≤10 years Dimensions: 201x72x 35mm (7.9″x 2.8″x 1.4″) Weight: 450g Battery: 2x 18650 rechargeable...
  • ALD-2 Heated Diode  Refrigerant Leak Detector

    ALD-2 Heated Diode Refrigerant Leak Detector

    Model ALD-2 Sensor Type: Heated diode gas sensor Minimum Detectable Leakage: ≤3 g/year Reaction Time: ≤3 seconds Warm-up Time: 30 seconds Reset Time: ≤10 seconds Operating Temperature Range: 0-50℃ Operating Humidity Range: <80%RH(non-condensing) Applicable Refrigerant: CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs, HCs and HFOs Sensor Lifetime: ≥1 year Reset: Automatic / Manual Probe Length: 420mm(16.5in) Battery: 3 X AA alkaline battery, 7 hours continuous working
  • ASM130 Sound Level Meter

    ASM130 Sound Level Meter

    LCD backlight

    Fast & slow response


    High precision sound sensor
  • AWD12 Wall Detector

    AWD12 Wall Detector

    Model AWD12 Ferrous metal 120mm Non-ferrous metal (copper) 100mm Alternating current (ac) 50mm Copper wire (≥4 mm 2 ) 40mm Foreign body exact mode 20mm, deep mode 38mm (Generally refers to the wooden block) 0-85%RH in metal mode, 0-60%RH in foreign body mode Working humidity range -10℃~50℃ Operating temperature range -20°C~70℃ Battery: 1X9 volt dry battery The usage time about 6 hours Body size 147*68*27mm
  • ADA30 Digital Anemometer

    ADA30 Digital Anemometer

    LCD backlight

    Fast response


    High precision wind speed sensor

    High precision temperature sensor
  • ADC400 Digital Clamp Meter

    ADC400 Digital Clamp Meter

    Fast capacitance measurement

    Audio visual alarm for NCV function

    True RMS measurement

    AC voltage frequency measurement

    Large LCD display

    Full-featured false detection protection

    Overcurrent indication
  • AIT500 Infrared Thermodetector

    AIT500 Infrared Thermodetector

    HVAC equipment temperature

    Food surface temperature

    Drying oven temperature
  • ADM750 Digital Multimeter

    ADM750 Digital Multimeter

    2m drop test

    LCD backlight

    NCV detection

    Data hold

    hFE measurement

    Temperature measurement