• Self-igniting hand torch

Self-igniting hand torch

  • Self-ignition Hand Torch HT-3

    Self-ignition Hand Torch HT-3


    · Self-lgnition with Aluminum Housing
    · Burn Tip Swivels 360°
    · High Efficient Turbo Swivel Flame
    · Dual gas MAPP or PROPANE
    · Fits all STANDARD MAPP or
    · 100% Fire Test

  • Self-ignition Hose Torch With Valve   HT-2

    Self-ignition Hose Torch With Valve HT-2


    ·For use with MAPP or Propane Gases
    ·Main Regulator made of brass for safety and reliability
    ·Dual adjustment switching for safety and convenience

  • Self-ignition Hand Torch  HT-1

    Self-ignition Hand Torch HT-1


    ·Aluminum Handle
    ·One Handed TRIGGER START
    ·Trigger Locks for Continuous Flame
    ·Dual Gas MAPP or PROPANE
    ·Fits All Standard MAPP & LP TANKS
    ·Brass and Stainless Steel Construction
    ·Efficient Swirl Flame