Fast Series R410A Refrigerant Evacuation/Vacuum Pump

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Vacuuming Quickly

·Ideal use for R12, R22, R134a, R410a
·Patented anti-dumping structure to avoid oil leakage
·Overhead vacuum gauge, compact and easy to operate
·Built-in solenoid valve to prevent oil backflow to system
·Integral cylinder structure to guarantee reliability
·No oil injection and less oil mist, prolonging oil service life
·New motor technology, easy startup and carry

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The professional F series of vacuum pump are a better choice when good using experience is a major equiped with built-in solenoid valve and overhead vacuum meter as standard.

Patented structure
Since oil leakage is a matter if the pump was side down during your working or driving.So our pump's biggest feature is to avoid this risk of oil leakage.And the overhead vacuum meter design also bring you a new using experience to avoid you lean down to read the exact vacuum data.

Light but still tough.
Reinforced aluminum alloy oil tank, effective heat dissipation, resistance to chemical corrosion. Oil color and level are easy to see with the oversized sight glass.The powerful and lightweight DC motor delivery a great starting moment is easy for starting and high efficiency,which can keep it working perfectly even is lower ambient temperature.

Application in
The flowrate covers from 1.5-3CFM(42-85LPM) and supplied 1 stage and 2 stage for your choice, It is ideal for split systems, light duties in automotive and small commercial applications.

Model F1 F1.5 2F0 2F1
Voltage 230V~/50-60Hz or 115V~/60Hz
Ultimate Vacuum 150 microns
Input Power 1/4HP 1/4HP 1/4HP 1/4HP
Flow Rate (Max.) 1.5CFM 3CFM 4CFM 4CFM
42L/min 85L/min 113L/min 113L/min
Oil Capacity 370ml 330ml 200ml 200ml
Weight 4.2kg 4.5kg 4.7kg 4.7kg
Dimension 309*113*198
Inlet Port 1/4"SAE 1/4"SAE 1/4"SAE 1/4"SAE


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