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Built-in lithium battery

High capacity 1500 mA, economic and environmental protection.

SENSATA sensor

Resistant to 75bar high pressure, reliable and durable.

USB Type-C charging port

Support positive and negative plugging, simplify the charging procedure.

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Technical Data:
Model MDG-1
Refrigerant R22、R32、R134a、R290、R404A、R407A、R407C、R410A、R427A、R434A、R442A、、R600a、R1234yf、R448A、R450A、R454B
Pressure scale 0~55 bar, 0~800 psi,0~5500 KPa,0~5.5 Mpa,0~60 kgf/cm2
Vacuum scale -29.5~0 inHg
Battery Capacity Built-in Rechargeable Li-ion Battery(3.7V/1500mAh)
Accessories type-C charging cable
Packing Tool box

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