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WIPCOOL attending 2021 CRH Exhibition (2021.4.7-9)

WIPCOOL attending 2021 CRH Exhibition (2021.4.7-9)

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The CRH Expo is the CHINA’s largest HVACR event, attracting the most comprehensive gathering of industry professionals from around the globe each year. The Show provides a unique forum where manufacturers of all sizes and specialties, whether a major industry brand or innovative start-up, can come together to share ideas and showcase the future of HVACR technology under one roof.

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Zhejiang Wipcool Refrigeration Equipment Co., Itd. (hereafter, WIPCOOL) attended the “CRH2021” to be held in SHANGHAI,CHINA from April 7 to 9, 2021. This is the largest exhibition in China in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. WIPCOOL showed the products of their three business, including their new developed products.

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In unit of Condensate Management, the new TANK PUMPS P580, It applied a high performance brushless motor and dual-control sensor(probe and float),so it brings impressive high lift(12M), huge flowrate(580L/h),reliable operation, rapid removal of large quantities of condensate water.

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In unit of HVAC system maintenance, the Adjustable high pressure cleaning machine C40T give you a game changing experience. The C40T is a comprehensive tool designed for professional cleaning of industrial equipment in the HVAC industry. This model is equipped with an easy-to-use knob. So It makes it possible to select the pressure value during operation from 10 to 40 bar.

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In unit of HVAC/R tools&equipment, WIPCOOL enlarged the product range with many new items.

1,The Clear View VACUUM pump,

Since clean oil matters, the S series vacuum pump features a full clear oil reservoir to give you an instant indicator of the condition of the oil and system.

2, The Oil-filled with solar LED manifold gauges

3.The Dual power vacuum pump which can used with AC power and Li-ion Battery Power

4,The Tube cutter with spring inside

5, 2-In-1 R410A Flaring Tool which can operate by hand and power drive.

6,The Titanium-coated Tube Deburrer

And so on, so in unit of HVAC/R tools and equipment, our product can satisfy of the basic demands of HVAC/R’s service.

During the exhibition, numerous wholesalers, contractors stopped to watch and experience the products due to the refreshing appearance design and unique functional design, and were positively affirmed by them.

We hope we can bring more and more new products to meet you in the next show of 2022

Post time: Nov-22-2021