Cordless Electrostatic Backpack Sprayer

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·Electrostatic charge generator    
Providing a thin, even spray pattern on all surfaces
·16L tank    
Allowing you to coat up to 2000 sq. m in one tank
·18V Li-ion powered    
Cordless convenience allows for effortless movement room to room

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The ES140 electrostatic cordless sprayer is the choice of cleaning professionals for disinfecting and sanitizing large areas quickly and efficiently. The 16L backpack sprayer holds enough disinfectant to cover up to 2,000 square meter on a single tank, while giving you up to 4 hour of spraying on a single battery(4.0Ah) charge.

The product is based on a simple physical principle: same electric charges repel each other, opposite electric charges attract each other. Through the built-in electrostatic generator, each sprayed particle is positively charged. Because the positively charged particles repel each other, so the coverage is wider and the effect of spraying on the object surface is more uniform.

In addition, since most objects have negative or neutral electric charges on their surfaces, They will attract these positive electric charges, create a mutual adsorption effect, and so it is can easily cover the backs of hard-to-reach objects, completing the job efficiently and quickly.It can be used across a range of industries, from air travel, hospitals, hotel to schools,restaurants, and etc.

Model ES140
Voltage 18V(AEG/RIDGID interface)
Optimum Spray Distance 0.8-2m
Tank Capacity 16L
Nozzle Spray Sizes 140 micron
Flow Rate(Max.) 500ml/min
Reference Running time 150mins(2.0Ah)
Reference Charging time 120mins(2.0Ah)
Remarks Due to the strict transportation terms, we can not include any Li-ion battery,
you can choose our battery adapters for use your local batteries

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