Cordless HVAC Refrigeration Vacuum Pump

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Li-ion Battery Power Portable Evacuation

Powered by high performance lithium battery power,convenient to use Patented anti-dumping design to avoid oil leakage Overhead vacuum gauge, easy to read Built-in solenoid valve to prevent oil backflow to system Integral cylinder structure to improve reliability No oil injection and less oil mist, prolong oil service life

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Model F1B 2F0B 2F0BR 2F1B 2F1BR F2BR 2F2BR
Voltage DC18V(AEG/ RIDGID interface)
Ultimate Vacuum 150 micron 15 microns 15 microns 15 microns 15 microns 150 microns 15 microns
Input Power 1/4HP 1/4HP 1/4HP 1/4HP 1/4HP 1/3HP 1/2HP
Flow Rate (Max.) 1.5CFM 1.5CFM 1.5CFM 2.5CFM 2.5CFM 5CFM 5CFM
42 L/min 42 L/min 42 L/min 71 L/min 71 L/min 142L/min 142L/min
Oil Capacity 370ml 280ml 280ml 280ml 280ml 580ml 450ml
Weight 4.2kg 4.5kg 4.0kg 4.5kg 4.0kg 5.5kg 6.5kg
Dimension 309x113x198 309x113x198 309x113x198 309x113x198 309x113x198 339x130x225 339x130x225
Reference running time 45mins(4.0AhLi-ion battery) 40mins(4.0AhLi-ion battery)
Reference charging time 210mins(4.0AhLi-ion battery) 210mins(4.0AhLi-ion battery)
Remarks Due to the strict transportation terms, we can not include any Li-ion battery,you can choose our battery adapters for use your local batteries


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