F series dual stage R32 vacuum pump

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Vacuuming Quickly

·Non-sparking design, suitable for use with A2L refrigerants(R32,R1234YF…) and other refrigerants(R410A, R22…)
·Brush-less motor technology, More than25% lighter than similar products
·Built-in solenoid valve to prevent backflow to system
·Overhead vacuum gauge, compact design and easy to read
·Integral cylinder structure to guarantee reliability

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Since R-32 is a next generation refrigerant that efficiently carries heat and has lower environmental impact.
The professional F series dual stage R32 vacuum pump are designed mainly for this new generation refrigerant,it can cover the A2L level and downward compatibility of old refrigerants,equiped with burshless motor,built-in solenoid valve and overhead vacuum meter as standard.

Ultimate vacuum level
A two stage design has two rotors and vanes. This means that the first stage generates vacuum and the second stage cleans the system, leading to a deeper ultimate vacuum level. As a result, two stage pumps can produce a deeper vacuum than single stage pumps.it pulls vacuum down to 15 microns and removes moisture from air conditioning systems to safely add refrigerant.

Model 2F0R 2F1R 2F1.5R 2F2R 2F3R 2F4R 2F5R
Voltage 230V~/50-60Hz or 115V~/60Hz
Ultimate Vacuum 15microns
Input Power 1/4HP 1/4HP 1/3HP 1/2HP 3/4HP 1HP 1HP
Flow Rate (Max.) 1.5CFM 2.5CFM 3CFM 5CFM 7CFM 9CFM 11CFM
42 L/min 71 L/min 85 L/min 142L/min 198L/min 255L/min 312L/min
Oil Capacity 280ml 280ml 480ml 450ml 520ml 500ml 480ml
Weight 4.2kg 4.2kg 6.2kg 6.5kg 9.8kg 10kg 10.2kg
Dimension 309x113x198 309x113x198 339x130x225 339x130x225 410x150x250 410x150x250 410x150x250
Inlet Port 1/4"SAE 1/4"SAE 1/4"&3/8"SAE 1/4"&3/8"SAE 1/4"&3/8"SAE 1/4"&3/8"SAE 1/4"&3/8"SAE


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