Corner Mini Condensate Pumps P12C

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Reliable&durable, Silence running

·Compact size, integral design
·Connect the socket quickly, easy maintenance
·High quality denoise design, Quiet&no vibration

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Mini size, maximum power, silent and durable operation, long service life. Since the launch of the Pioneer series. WIPCOOL has become one of the global leaders for MINI condensate pumps. Mini pumps operate on a probe switch mechanism which detects the presence of water in the drain pan, activating the pump. WIPCOOL supply the most complete and high performance range of mini pumps in the worldwide.

The WIPCOOL mini corner pump P12C is completely unique, in both its design and installation advantages. The pump is clipped directly onto the reservoir so there is minimal suction lift. By connecting the drain hose to the reservoir of the pump unit, condensate water can be pumped away to a suitable drain.

The pumps fit securely into a specifically designed elbow that holds it horizontally to ensure reliable operation. The pump and elbow are reversible therefore it can be installed easily on either side of an evaporator unit.

The size makes installation easy by providing a pump complete with the conduit trucking, in which the pump and all pipework are hidden.

This pump allows easy access for maintenance and ensures that the reservoir is level at all times.

• Completely reversible

• Quick and easy to install

Suitable for
High wall split systems.Perfect for commercial and domestic units in quiet environments.

Model P12C
Voltage 100v-230V~/50-60Hz
Discharge Head(max.) 7m[23ft]
Flow Rate(max.) 12L/h(3.2GPH)
Tank Capacity 35ml
Mini Splits up to 7.5kW/30,000btu/hr
Sound Level at 1m 19dB(A)
Ambient Temp. 0℃-50℃

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