Supermarket Condensate Pump P120S

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Special Desgin,Simple Installation

Made of stainless steel case with 3L large reservoir
Ideal for cold produce display cabinets in supermarkets and convenience stores
Low profile (70mm height) for extremely easy to install and maintain.
Built of heat resistant material,suitable for handling 70℃ high temperature water

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Product Description
The P120S is specially designed to handle condensate from supermarket refrigerated display cabinets, it is extremely easy to install and maintain.

The compact design of the pump facilitates installation under low-slung display cabinets.
and it remove water during the defrost cycle.

Including a easy clean stainless tank which can handle the 70℃ hot water, non return
valve 2inlets for optional(top or side). Effectively pumps away defrost water and filters

Technical Data

Model P120S
Voltage 230V~/50-60Hz or 100-120V~/50-60Hz
Discharge Head(max.) 30m(98ft)
Flow Rate(max.) 120L/h(32GPH)
Tank Capacity 3L
Sound Level at 1m 40~62dB(A)
Water Temp. Max 75℃
Power 30W

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