Low Profile High Flow Tank Pumps P380

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Lower-profile, Higher Head-lift

·Probe sensor, free maintenance for long time work
·Buzzer fault alarm,improve the safty
·Low profile for limited spaces
·Built-in anti-backflow valve to avoid water back to tank

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WIPCOOL continued focus on innovation has created a market leading range of tank pumps, designed to suit a diverse array of applications. With reliability as the key decision criteria, the tank pumps are designed to perform even under the most challenging of applications, including hot water.

WIPCOOL LOW PROFILE TANK PUMPS P380 are designed to collect condensate water from refrigeration and air-conditioning units,special suitable in low profile limited space applications. They operate automatically when the condensate water rises and will discharge to a head of 6.8 meters.

The P380 incorporate has two high quality switches, activated by a probe sensor system. One operates the centrifugal type pump and the other is used as a high level safety switch. In the event of a pump failure this device will switch off the refrigeration unit and can simultaneously activate an optional audio and/or visual alarm. And it also has a built-in Buzzer to remind people that the drainage is failure.

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The tank pump P380 is designed in mind for easy to install and maintain, with features including ,non return valve and built in spirit level. metal hang plate. There is 5 inlets for optional. The water can entered from the 4 top inlets and 1 side inlet. So the installation can be flexible.

Suitable for
Ducted units; Floor standing & Chassis units; Cassette units.Perfect for Large commercial units (Dehumidifier, Ice Maker and AC)

Model P380
Voltage 100-230V~/50-60Hz
Discharge Head(max.) 6.8m(22ft)
Flow Rate(max.) 380L/h(100GPH)
Tank Capacity 1.8L
Up to 50kW(500,000btu/h)
Sound Level at 1m 28dB(A)
Ambient Temp. 0℃-50℃

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