Wall-mounted Mini Condensate Pumps P18/36

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Dual Guarantee, High Security

·High performance brushless motor, strong power
·Level gauge installed, ensure the accurate installation
·Dual-control system, improve durability
·Built-in LEDs provide visual operating feedback

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Product Description
The P18/36 condensate pump is directly installed below the wall-mounted air conditioner.
And it is suitable for device which cooling capacity under 45,000 btu/hr.

Adopting a brush-less motor and dual control sensor system, ensuring that the product can operate without obstacles and noise for a long time.

Easy installation and easy access to maintenance making P18/36 be a star product in the WIPCOOL Mini Pumps.

Technical Data

Model P18 P36
Voltage 100v-230V~/50-60Hz
Discharge Head(max.) 10m[33ft]
Flow Rate(max.) 18L/h(4.8GPH) 36L/h(9.6GPH)
Tank Capacity 150ml
Mini Splits up to 30,000btu/hr 45,000btu/hr
Sound Level at 1m 19dB(A) 21dB(A)
Ambient Temp. 0℃-50℃

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