Cordless Cleaning Machine C10B

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Cordless Cleaning, Convenient Usage

·Reel Structure
Release and retract the inlet(2.5M) and outlet(5M) hose freely
·Dual Cleaning Pressure
Adjust pressure to meet indoor and outdoor unit cleaning
·Integrated Storage
All accessories are stored orderly to avoid omission
4.0 AH High capacity Battery(Available Seperately)
For long time cleaning usage(Max 90Min)
·Autostop Technology
Built-in pressure controller, switches the motor and pump on/off automatically
Self-intake function to pump water from buckets or storage tank

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C10B is a professional cordless air conditioning cleaning machine that can operate in low pressure mode of 3 to 5 bar and high pressure mode of 7 to 10 bar. The pressure selection can be adjusted by simply pressing the top button, allowing for safety cleaning of the inner and outer coils.

Because of the self priming function, so you can use a external water tank to solve water source problem. At the same time, it is equipped with various professional cleaning accessories, such as a 220 ° rotating nozzle with a 37cm extension wand, which can easily penetrate into narrow gaps for cleaning. The product is lightweight and portable, and can be carried away with one hand.

Using an 18V Li-ion battery for power supply means there is no need to search for AC power sources everywhere, especially when cleaning outdoor air conditioning units. In addition, in order to maximize the utilization of existing Li-ion batteries in users' hands and reduce their purchasing costs, we have specially developed 6 mainstream brand battery adapters (Bosch, Makita, Panasonic, Dewalt, Worx, and  Milwaukee), which can easily be compatible with the use of the above brand batteries.

Model C10B
Voltage 18V(AEG/RIDGID interface)
Working Pressure 5/10 bar(Dual)
Flow Rate (Max.) 4L/min
Motor Power 80W
Weight 3.7kg(w/o battery)
Inlet hose 2.5m
Outlet hose 5.0m
Reference running time(C10B) 50-120mins (4.0Ah Li-ion battery)
Reference charging time(C10B) 210mins(4.0Ah Li-ion battery)
Remarks For C10B,Due to the strict transportation terms, we can not include any Li-ion battery,you can choose our battery adapters for use your local batteries

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