Portable HVAC AC Condenser Evaporator Coils Service Cleaning Machine

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Dual Cleaning Pressure, Professional and Efficient

·Reel Structure
Release and retract the inlet(2.5M) and outlet(5M) hose freely
·Dual Cleaning Pressure
Adjust pressure to meet indoor and outdoor unit cleaning
·Integrated Storage
All accessories are stored orderly to avoid omission
·Autostop Technology
Built-in pressure controller, switches the motor and pump
on/off automatically
Self-intake function to pump water from buckets or storage tank

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Wipcool C10 is a professional and easy-to-use professional machine for cleaning domestic air conditioners. The tip of the washer gun is equipped with a rotating nozzle that makes it possible to easily reach every slot of the device. This is especially important when cleaning the evaporator.

The washer can operate in low pressure mode - from 3 to 5 bars - and high pressure, from 7 to 10 bars.

Operating pressure can be adjusted with a single button. This allows both indoor and outdoor units to be cleaned safely.

Comfortable work thanks to the Wipcool C10 pressure cleaning machine.
The Wipcool C10 air conditioning coil cleaning machine is supplied from the power socket, which makes it possible to work uninterruptedly. If you are looking for a mobile tool that can be powered by batteries, check out our Wipcool C10B cordless pressure cleaning machine.

To clean the air conditioner thoroughly, you often have to climb a ladder. In such a situation, large and heavy washers can be really problematic. Fortunately, the compact size and light weight of the Wipcool C10 air conditioning cleaning machine make convenient work possible even in such difficult conditions.

For proper operation, the device only requires connection to the power supply and leading the suction hose into a container with clean water. The suction pipe ends with a filtering sieve, which prevents the ingress of contaminants hazardous to the washer.

Model C10
Voltage 230V~/50-60Hz or 100-120V~/50-60Hz
Working Pressure(max.) 3-5bar/7-10bar
Flow Rate(max.) 4L/min
Motor Power 100W
Weight 3.7kg
Water Pipe 2.5m inlet hose, 5m outlet hose

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