Steam Cleaning Machine C30S

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Strong Steam, Ultimate Clean

·Intelligent spray gun
Remote control switch,convenient operation
·lntegrated design
Steam,hot water,cool water out of same pipe
·LCD touch screen
With status display and voice reminder function
·0zone disinfection
Safe and efficient sterilization
·Reel structure
Storage inlet and outlet pipes freely and quickly

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C30S is a multi-functional device for comprehensive cleaning of your home air conditioner. The machine enables work in up to 5 modes: steam, hot water, cold water, pulse, ozone treatment. The steamer also features a LCD touch screen and voice messages informing about the device's operating mode.

Thanks to these functions, you can not only easily clean, but also disinfect the air conditioner and get rid of unpleasant odors.

The hot steam coming from the nozzle of the device may reach the temperature in the range of 130℃–150℃. so you will not only clean the inside of the air conditioner without the use of additional detergents, but also disinfect its interior.

The process of getting rid of dangerous bacteria and other microbes will be completed by the ozone treatment mode, which kills 99.9% of microorganisms and get rid of the nasty smell.

In hot water mode, the device heats the water to a temperature of 60–85 ℃, with an operating pressure of 3–6 bar. so there is no fear of damaging the internal components of home air conditioning.

The machine also includes many professional accessories, such 90° bent spray nozzle, nylon brush, long steam nozzle, and a 220。rotational spray nozzle, which will help you the complete the professional and deep cleaning.

Model C30S C30S
Voltage 230V~/50-60Hz 100-120V~/50-60Hz
Power(Max. ) 3300W 2000W
Flow Rate(max.) 3L/min 3L/min
Working Pressure(Max.) 3~6bar 3~6bar
Suction Lift(Max.) 1.5m 1.5m
Steam Temp. 130~150℃ 120~130℃
Water Outlet Temp.(Max.) 60~85℃ 50~75℃
Water Pipe 2M Inlet hose,4M Outlet hose

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