Refrigeration Oil Charging Pump R1

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Pressurized oil Charging ,Reliable And Durable

·Applied stainless steel materials, reliable and durable
·Compatible with all refrigeration oil
·Pumps oil into the system without shutting down for charging
·Anti-backflow structure, ensure system safety during charging
·Universal tapered rubber adapter fits all 1, 2.5 and 5 gallon containers

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Product Description
R1 Refrigeration Oil hand charging Pump provides for the addition or removal of refrigeration oil when servicing air conditioning and refrigeration systems. The pump can be used while the unit is operating. It is not necessary to shut down the system for charging. Can be used on one gallon, two and a half gallon and five gallon containers.Moves 1.7 fl. oz. (50ml) per stroke against 145 psi(10bar) pressure.

Technical Data

Model R1
Max. Pump To Against Pressure 10bar(145psi)
Max.Pump Rate Per Stroke 50ml
Applicable Oil Bottle Size All sizes
Hose Connect 1/4"SAE
Outlet hose 1.5m Charging Hose
Packing Blister

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